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A certain teenage ninja was very pleased with herself. Tifa and yuffie lesbian felt much bigger up close and was definitely all natural. Tifa and Aeris were not talking to each other, they hadn't since Aeris dragged Cloud out round the Golden Saucer. Back by popular demand a lot of people like these sort of fics it seems.

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The screams from inside the tent woke Yuffie up. Grabbing full hold of the thong she dragged it down the fighter's legs, releasing the breast from her mouth because she could not hold down the groans of pleasure welling up inside her, she inserted a middle finger inside of Tifa causing her body to shudder slightly. It didn't particularly taste good tifa and yuffie lesbian hearing and feeling the satisfaction that Tifa was getting from this was worth it. The teenage ninja dived back into her own tent as quickly as possible. I'm not going to be the only semi-nude girl in this tent if we get woken up by one of the guys or Cait Sith.

Tifa and yuffie lesbian
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The screams from inside the tent woke Yuffie up. Her fingers dived down towards Tifa's special area. Tifa and Aeris tifa and yuffie lesbian a tent to themselves, ever since Midgar they demanded some 'Girl time' away from the rest of the group except for Yuffie. Normally Yuffie would have snapped them all up at this opportunity, but she only needed one, and one missing was a hell of a lot easier to deny involvement then a whole bag full of them being stolen. Everybody thinks it was just Aeris and Tifa jockeying for Clouds affection back at meteor fall.

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